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Sarah Shares Her Story - Yes, hurt people hurt people, however loved people love people. Respected people respect people, and forgiven people forgive people. Sarah is an impactful motivational keynote speaker, published writer, blogger, and coauthor of an upcoming book. Using undeniable truth and vulnerability, Sarah Beth walks through the story of her marriage surviving infidelity after her affair, and has the ability to connect with her audiences at a deeper level. Her authentic, engaging and empowering messages of extraordinary resilience, conquering hurts and creating confidence regardless of your present or past circumstances have made her story one everyone wants to hear. Audiences leave with an "I am enough mindset" - ready to step forward, remove their masks, and become who they truly are.

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Fierce Lady Friendships - Why is it so hard for women to find and to be dedicated friends. Sarah speaks on how to be a fierce lady friend in Christ. How to stand by a friend in hard times, while also showing accountability. We all fail at this. Let's hold each other accountable! 

Parenting: It's okay to admit it's not always your favorite job. - Having three emotionally diverse children of her own, and being a foster mother has pushed Sarah to the limits when it comes to her own breaking point in Motherhood. She openly and lightheartedly talks about the unconditional love she holds for each child while owning how she has moments of wanting to lock herself in the van.

What does it mean to forgive? - As a child, were you forced to "forgive" your sister or brother? What does forgiveness truly mean? Sarah will walk through the process of forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption.  This will allow you to see what you are ready for.

Life Beyond a Diagnosis - Being diagnosed with a brain tumor at 14, Sarah has lived with Epilepsy, along with the results of two brain surgeries. Sarah will give an encouraging outlook on how a diagnosis can affect your life along with look at how he has succeeded in her own life beyond the diagnosis. She also uses the Amazon top seller book, Chronicles of the Chronically Ill, which she coauthored as a resource. 

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Now that God has redeemed her life and her marriage, Sarah has an abundance of thoughts to share with others. She does this through writing and speaking.  You can find more at the link below.

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